World-class Laundry & Dry Cleaning in Dubai

Experienced Dry Cleaners in Dubai

With more than 15 years of industry experience, we are able to provide unparalleled professional dry cleaning services in Dubai.

Quality Dry Cleaning and Laundry

Enjoy our door-to-door service and simply arrange for our helpful and friendly staff to collect and deliver your laundry to your home or any preferred location.

One Stop Shop!

We are not your regular dry cleaners and laundry service providers! Our one stop shop offers a complete range of services, from alternation and shoe repair to shirt cleaning and fire and flood restoration.

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What we do

Fire and Flood Restoration

We are experts in fire and flood restoration of all clothing types, wedding dresses, rugs, and other upholstery. 

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Restaurant Laundary Service

With our convenient pick-up and delivery restaurant laundry service, you can be sure to have clean and pressed restaurant linens delivered right at your doorstep!

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Shirt Cleaning

This specialised service gives our customers beautifully laundered and hand finished shirts. These can be folded, put on hangers, or starched if required.

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Specialists in Wedding Dresses

We provide outstanding wedding dress cleaning services. We will conduct a pre-cleaning inspection to determine the best treatment option.

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Laundry and Pressing service

We provide a comprehensive range of laundry and pressing services for all clothing items to both private and corporate clients. 

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Suede and Leather

Cleaning suede and leather requires extra care and should only be entrusted to trained professionals. Our staff have the right skills to clean suede and leather to the highest industry standards. 

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Expert Repair and Alterations

We provide high quality repair and alterations for a wide range of garments and household items, including invisible mending which restores a garment to its original condition. 

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Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service

We provide specialised fine rug and carpet cleaning services for all oriental and Persian rugs and carpets.

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Duvets and linens

Duvets and linens need extra care. Some need to be laundered while others require attention from experienced dry cleaners. Green Community Laundry provides both services. 

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Ironing Service

Whether you need to have a whole weeks’ worth of clothes ironed or just a few shirts, our convenient ironing service can make things a whole lot easier for you. 

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Shoe Repairs

We care for all your shoes and footwear, be it bespoke, high fashion, or your old favourite pair. We also provide quality shoe repair from Dubai’s top shoe repair company. 

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Door to Door Service

Our door-to-door laundry collection and delivery service in Dubai is available to both commercial and domestic customers.

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